Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sitting on a fence

Some man said that the objects and affections in a man’s house are like toys to another man. So the guava tree in my garden, which I have nurtured and protected with fondness, is probably my neighbors envy. I like to see the tree in bloom; I like to see the guava hanging on its branch ripe and beautiful. The tree is in bloom – it gives me great joy. I love it like I would love my wife. Therefore I also become responsible for it. I make a fence around it so that no kill joy, greedy punk plucks the fruit while I am dozing off. To the other person it dose not mean the same joy as it is to me, he finds joy in carrying away my joy. Though not very directly but I would imagine him to feel a little gleeful guilt. When I make a reasonable fence, I would perhaps put him in a position of great doubt about trespassing on forbidden land, thereby protecting my guava. I would put it on human nature - the guava tree is a joy and a insensitive man will kill it for the season. My fence is a necessary evil but none the less it is an evil. They say if you keep a man long enough in prison he will become a thief. It is a fair chance that without a fence one may become less devious.

the mother of campbell

We were thrashing a narrative for an exhibition on fences today. In the midst of heated argument I looked at the sequence and decided that a narrative sequence is a lot like love.

Linear narrative

Perception -the guy and the girl see each other and things fit into their general idea of stuff.
Kinds - All kinds of ideas cross your mind as you try to grasp whats happening.
Functions - You establish contact and get involved in a dialouge.
Descripition - You talk about deeper things in life- experiences you had
Cost - you evaluate the statistics.
Needs - You feel the need and understand that the other person needs it too.
Opnions - "Oh my god" you say . you've worked yourself up to a frenzy.
Solutions - you conclude it with a bang.

A parellel narrative is like thinking about another person while having sex.
Tidbits in an narrative is like a phone call from your parents while you are having sex.
Non Linear narrative is having sex and then getting to know the other person.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


Have you ever made dogs, deers and fishes out of hand shadows on the wall. Those shadows in stark contrast to the wall begin the story. Theses shadows begin with a few deer traveling through the jungle, and fish swimming in the water, and dogs barking on the street, people in masks and butterflies.

The camera zooms out to reveal five people sitting on chairs watching these shadows on the wall. four men and for your sake a woman.
camera pans and tracks over their faces.
their hands are bound behind their back they are so engrossed in watching the scenes unfold that they are ignorant of who or what is making these shadows. they talk to each other sometimes,--------- though one guy is not getting involved and nobody pays attention to him either. this guy is swiftly slicing the rope binding him with a knife.

He frees himself and surveys the scene. Nobody responds.
Camera pans and locates the projected source of light.
the man is in a trance he walks towards the source the light engulfes him.
White light fades in to a horizon.--- a yonder. ---A yonder becons him. He walks towards the yonder.
The revelation lies beyond the yonder. the man walks....

Then he stops to think and turns back.
cut to a door in a stone building on the landscape.
man walks into the frame opens the door and walks in.
cut to the room
the screen is blank the people are still tied and engrossed.
the man unties the people one by one.
they awaken to a new freedom ------- a wild unwarantted freedom.
it dosent take them a long while to succum to their nature
one man points a finger at the protagionist .. he is accused, beaten and killed with the dagger he used to cut the ropes.

p.s.... remember platos cave? this guy who was killed in plato's perception was socrates.
because he showed people the truth or freed them so to say but like christ he has crucified in his own right.