Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knows knows not

When I was a kid I looked at the stars

The thought that struck me was whom were they for?

The moon seemed to me like a jar

To keep dead bunnies for biology hour

Far far away is where the stories are

Once upon a time was when everything was fine

The sisters fought over what was mine

The mirror was where I was not myself

The drawers were where the bums were kept.

Cabbages and brinjals would rot in my mouth

Mathematics was a crazy world of doubt

The teachers were like butterflies and moths

They were pretty sometimes and sometimes not.

hindi mein soncho

Tum yeh mat sooncho ki, tum, kya soonchte ho, kab soonchte ho, bhai, accha soonchte ho ki, burra sonchete ho,kahan sochete ho, kisko sochete ho kitna soonchte ho-- mat sooncho--
Ajar soonchete ho to tum yeh sooncho ki tum kyu soonchete ho.

just not my game

Everything ends in a question

I know not what I want to do

But the potential dharmas

Are quite a few

I hear there are

Beautiful people

And brilliant thoughts

Can I ever get rid?

Of what Adam first caught

Through the state of the donkeys

To the golden throne

I could definitely fly!

But wouldn’t dare alone

So take my arm and pull me through

Cause without you it just wouldn’t do

If I lie down on the shore with you

Would a stranger say

I love you too!!

I know words are not enough

Still I’d do my best, to get, through to you

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


If you have ten apples and your intuition is useless and you tell yourself that I wont eat unless I figure out which one is the sweetest, you shouldn’t expect anything but confusion and frustration.........I mean, what the heck man just bite into one and say that this is the one I really wanted to eat, and if its sour it still wouldn’t be too late to pick up another one and this time you would be less confused do you know why? "Duh! because there are only nine apples." Also for all you know the one you pick couldn’t really be much worse than all the others unless looks could be really deceptive OR your senses are really fucked, its probably a good apple if not perfectly to you taste. Alternatively If you say that no man I will conduct all the personality tests on the apples, so, you go about with much difficulty...Figuring out ....figuring out.... figuring out...FIGURED.

Oh what a relive this is the apple. So you brush your teeth, set the table, put on the music, light the candle and serve the apple. Then with all the anticipation you put it in your mouth and "Oh, it tastes like shit. "I would probably want to BANG MY HEAD ON THE WALL. "It might also happen that you try another one and it is better that the first nothing would stop you from wondering if the third one might be better which it very well could be so by the time you reach the tenth apple you know which one is the best(unless you haven’t put it in an order) but you have also probably eaten as much as a whole apple and just might be full and by the next time you fell hungry enough to eat the best apple it would be spoilt (cause you bit in to it) Also needless to say the other eight go wasted too.

Well take my advice, if you want an apple try any apple if you don’t like it the rest are still yours to try.