Wednesday, December 5, 2007


IIT, Powai has a sign board that says 'CATTLE INHIBITOR AHEAD'. I always used to read it. Its been a long time I just acknowledge its presence as i walk by it. Perhaps one day it will be gone.I might miss it, but for now I know its there.
The funny thing is that cattle cant read and cars don't care. And people like me just find it a funny thing to tread over.But it is not a funny thing at all its inginous in its deviousness. I am sure the cattle think so if they think about it at all.
It consists of a number of pipes about 10 to 12 cm in dia, laid one after another spanning a certain length of the road and engulfing its width. the gaps between the pipes amount approximately to their radii.
Now what this device implements is sheer panoptism. In simple terms it keeps the cattle in restriction. Humans can tread over it but the cattle still manage to get stuck in it.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

A poster on AIDS on World AIDS Day.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Information Graphic- VT Station
Illustrations for animal sinages

Friday, October 26, 2007

a thousand words

a thousand words
will make no sense
a long road will never end
the milestones are but jokes
alone in this world we harp on society
on stigma and strata
we cut a problem into small parts
and make many new problems
in oblivion we grapple with them
again and again
we call it postmodern
there should only be a bigger modernism after the modern
but we walked past it
we deal with ambiguity
by creating more ambiguity
to be cohesive in approach is no longer part
the act has lost it self
we are reliving in expression
of objects we can no longer see
every lesser solution
contributes to the next one

Monday, October 22, 2007


so why am I a human
animals could shy away from us
they could fear us
but we cannot with all of humanity
perceive what they feel about us
we can only reason
if i arrive at a conclusion
it may open your eyes
it might not
you might want to open my eyes
but man and animal i cannot understand
i am superior
to you and to an animal
and great power comes with great responsibility
i am responsible
for you and for the animal
do not discriminate especially on the basis of intellect
Hinduism says that we are reincarnations
a cow is supposed to house a god in every part of its body
there is a festival where they eat only the balls of a bull
i have wondered
in my life if all the crisis's
can make a thought or a person
or evolution as great as the thought
that a cow in the middle of the road can have while chewing cud.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

piss like a dog

I wish to be lost

To forget that people exist

To find my own life

Not live a doctorate on perception

To feel for the first time

What joys I have read about

Away I want to go

I do not know where

But perhaps I want to live

Sustain everyday

And build an economy that is my own

Love and hate and understand

Beyond the sheath of society

Be born in time

Not too far behind and not to close to mine

Like a bird make a nest

Twig by twig

Then sit in it and lay eggs

Like a snake search for them

The eggs

I want to play those games

I want to climb trees like monkeys

Piss in nature like dogs

Am I too old for that?

Too civilized perhaps

Thursday, October 11, 2007

guess I need to grow up

I don’t know why I am writing this
But I think it is because I need you to know
I can’t reason everything in my head
Or forget about it
I adore you
Admire you
Loved to talk to you
To walk with you
The way you were tall in stature and brisk in talk
Never a sad feeling or a dirty thought when I saw you
It was always a sunflower yellow
Like the trust game we played
Don’t know how I landed up with you
But for every bit I am glad
For all those who wander are not lost
I remember meeting you like a photograph
Like images of childhood
Its just that one doesn’t remember everything like that
Maybe things would have been different if they hadn’t happened like they did
I don’t regret my life but I wish some things were different
It never really hit me till it did

For the sake of some

Some once explained to me what a PhD is.
(I won’t say who it was because he is not a nice person)
He said there is a knowledge base.
We shall not argue over the shape of the knowledge base
It can be a cube a pyramid or a spiral for all I care.
In the post modern scenario it becomes complicated for the future doctor
The idea of a PhD is to understand the assimilated base
And take it a notch higher
What I feel is that even though there is a knowledge base
Why don’t we ever see it
The question of macro and micro communication is the key
They must exist parallel in a framework
Because if we cannot explain something beautifully to a child
What can we do?
And children only learn through interest
Otherwise there is always the hard way

is definitely better than

universe exists
7 planets in the solar system
More to be found
And earth in universe (planet)
To locate India on earth
20* NW Latitude
40* Longitude
moving to java
LD 80*

These gaps exist in schools and texts.
Maybe a museum would address them as a learning scenario

courtesy: Mike Gayle (book : Brand New Friend)

The Eskimos have over 18 different words for the color white.
Eskimos also have over fifty different words for snow. Snow is really important to those guys because sometimes the difference btw one type and another can mean the difference btw life or death. They have words for dry snow, wet snow, fluffy snow, and compact snow. Words for snow that comes down fast and and comes down slow.-They have thought of everything.
So what’s the point?
Well it’s like this. If Eskimos can come up with 50 words for snow because it is a matter of life and death, why is it that we have got only one word for love?
Yes it would be easier if we categorized it down to specifics- but would it really be so much fun?
The way I see it is that we may have only one word for love but what a word it is.

About Eskimos-They also live in igloos and offer their wives and daughters for intercourse to foreigners after the dinners main course. This is so that the blood line gets mixed as breeding amongst each other for such a small community may make certain hereditary problems more complex and effect future generations. Like in horses it is to produce a better breed.
About horses- the winning horse is not run in every race.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

yet more

Black, white and grey
And a thousand colors
A million stars that shine and twinkle
And there is still more to make
Break huge mountains into small stones
Cut the rivers into small ponds
Manufacture ice cubes from glaciers
Turn the sun into 100 watt bulbs
Put a light in every house
Make lunch in five colored pills
Iron, calcium, A, B and C
Make malequins out of women
And missiles out of men
Put the kids in a nursery
And bullets in a gun
The dogs in a pound
And bare bodies in the sun
Prisons, houses and public spaces
And virtual worlds like no other places
A million kids that whine and dine
And there is still more to make

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

over the yonder !

I am but a captive of intellect
But there is somewhere I must go
I can look at it perhaps only when I am beyond it
Over the yonder
Right where the world ends
The place that beckons
That only image that comes into my mind
And it stays like a hallucination
But its going nowhere
Its me
It will comeback when I call it again
It means nothing
The colors can change
It’s not a dream
I want to go there early in the morning
Everyday- before I begin my day
I want to be alone
Because when I go there
I know what to do
I must feel my self
Breathe sweet air
And walk
Walk over the yonder


Soaps are very different from apples
A very log time ago there were no soaps
But apples existed
We could clean our selves despite no soaps
But using soaps are like getting married
You get used to them
Without them you feel insecure
You like the smell.
Some people use shower gels
They get used to the scrubs
The feeling like the soap is still not gone
That they will be clean
Just as soon as they rid themselves of all the soap
It’s a funny thing to put soap and then to wash it off
But scientific minds know
Detergents react with the dirt and grime
Removing them easily from our bodies
Opening our pores that are filled with dirt
And when the pores are open
Our bodies breathe and we are clean
We don’t smell
Add to that the scent of the soap
Voila it’s magic
Men are attracted to women and women to men
Scent came from cold countries
They say it originated in china
In very cold weather with scarcity of water
People couldn’t bathe very often
The odor I hear was revolting
And great inventions are in dire times
So they made scents
Put them in tiny bottles and used them on and off
Then there is a big shift in the story
Today we have all kinds of scents, deodorants, after shaves and roll-on’s
Though we are all still not the Chinese
But how had god thought we ever be able to smell good or attractive without scents
There is a difference
A man on crutches because he has no legs
And us
We tend to lose our legs because somebody made crutches
I guess it the same story here
So god had thought that a –man- or woman for that matter
Will exercise- do work- actual hard physical labor
Or at least be like other animals and perspire
Which also like soaps de-clogs our pores
And when the body breathes there is no bad odor
Hence making soaps redundant
My issue is not with the soap
Instead with the nature of the commodity
The mechanisms that put it into place
So the scenarios where a person doesn’t exercise
Lives in an air-conditioned box
Moves in another air-conditioned mechanization on wheels
Again sleeps in conditioned air
Has really really clogged pores
Apart from generating toxins around him
And into nature
In order to condition the air in the boxes.
It is a sheer feat of science that he still manages to smell good
It is a sign of his conquest over nature
It is without doubt a modern and a progressive world that this person lives in
Unlike the old primitive state of nature.
The more I pluck my eyebrows and the more I shave my chin
The better looking I become
I can wax my feet and put silicon in my breasts
I can not only make plastic but I can become plastic too

Marginal Utility

The Brahman springs from the seed of life,
It is neither the beginning nor the end,
It is an endless cycle
There is creation
Then for the lack of a word its ‘marginal utility’
And finally destruction takes its toll.
It is the cycle of life
And we are yet another part of it.
The purpose of our being is to crack the reality.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Knows knows not

When I was a kid I looked at the stars

The thought that struck me was whom were they for?

The moon seemed to me like a jar

To keep dead bunnies for biology hour

Far far away is where the stories are

Once upon a time was when everything was fine

The sisters fought over what was mine

The mirror was where I was not myself

The drawers were where the bums were kept.

Cabbages and brinjals would rot in my mouth

Mathematics was a crazy world of doubt

The teachers were like butterflies and moths

They were pretty sometimes and sometimes not.

hindi mein soncho

Tum yeh mat sooncho ki, tum, kya soonchte ho, kab soonchte ho, bhai, accha soonchte ho ki, burra sonchete ho,kahan sochete ho, kisko sochete ho kitna soonchte ho-- mat sooncho--
Ajar soonchete ho to tum yeh sooncho ki tum kyu soonchete ho.

just not my game

Everything ends in a question

I know not what I want to do

But the potential dharmas

Are quite a few

I hear there are

Beautiful people

And brilliant thoughts

Can I ever get rid?

Of what Adam first caught

Through the state of the donkeys

To the golden throne

I could definitely fly!

But wouldn’t dare alone

So take my arm and pull me through

Cause without you it just wouldn’t do

If I lie down on the shore with you

Would a stranger say

I love you too!!

I know words are not enough

Still I’d do my best, to get, through to you

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


If you have ten apples and your intuition is useless and you tell yourself that I wont eat unless I figure out which one is the sweetest, you shouldn’t expect anything but confusion and frustration.........I mean, what the heck man just bite into one and say that this is the one I really wanted to eat, and if its sour it still wouldn’t be too late to pick up another one and this time you would be less confused do you know why? "Duh! because there are only nine apples." Also for all you know the one you pick couldn’t really be much worse than all the others unless looks could be really deceptive OR your senses are really fucked, its probably a good apple if not perfectly to you taste. Alternatively If you say that no man I will conduct all the personality tests on the apples, so, you go about with much difficulty...Figuring out ....figuring out.... figuring out...FIGURED.

Oh what a relive this is the apple. So you brush your teeth, set the table, put on the music, light the candle and serve the apple. Then with all the anticipation you put it in your mouth and "Oh, it tastes like shit. "I would probably want to BANG MY HEAD ON THE WALL. "It might also happen that you try another one and it is better that the first nothing would stop you from wondering if the third one might be better which it very well could be so by the time you reach the tenth apple you know which one is the best(unless you haven’t put it in an order) but you have also probably eaten as much as a whole apple and just might be full and by the next time you fell hungry enough to eat the best apple it would be spoilt (cause you bit in to it) Also needless to say the other eight go wasted too.

Well take my advice, if you want an apple try any apple if you don’t like it the rest are still yours to try.