Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sitting on a fence

Some man said that the objects and affections in a man’s house are like toys to another man. So the guava tree in my garden, which I have nurtured and protected with fondness, is probably my neighbors envy. I like to see the tree in bloom; I like to see the guava hanging on its branch ripe and beautiful. The tree is in bloom – it gives me great joy. I love it like I would love my wife. Therefore I also become responsible for it. I make a fence around it so that no kill joy, greedy punk plucks the fruit while I am dozing off. To the other person it dose not mean the same joy as it is to me, he finds joy in carrying away my joy. Though not very directly but I would imagine him to feel a little gleeful guilt. When I make a reasonable fence, I would perhaps put him in a position of great doubt about trespassing on forbidden land, thereby protecting my guava. I would put it on human nature - the guava tree is a joy and a insensitive man will kill it for the season. My fence is a necessary evil but none the less it is an evil. They say if you keep a man long enough in prison he will become a thief. It is a fair chance that without a fence one may become less devious.

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